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Baron Janos “the Gipsy Baron” & his ensemble

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janos csikos

János Csikós, Hungarian violinist, is the youngest child of a remarkable musical family. At the age of six, János, having received a violin from his father became a gifted violinist. He attended the Budapest Conservatory where he studied violin and composition under Professor Zaturecki, obtaining excellent results and high musical qualifications.

Since finishing his studies he has performed at many prestigious theaters, including The Munich Opera theatre with the famous Marika Rökk. In Stockholm he had the privilege to play for King Gustav Adolph and his family at Sweden’s Royal Palace, and where János was to become known as “The Gypsy Baron”. Janos performed in Athens, New York and in Antwerp in presence of her Majesty Queen Fabiola.

Having been asked by the Flemish Music-theatre, to perform as a soloist in the operetta “Countess Maritza”, Janos had the idea to write his own composition in which themes from his own life would be woven. This composition, Gypsy Love Story, developed into a wonderful Flemish musical operetta, firstly performed on stage in Flanders in 2006, and later filmed for television. A new Hungarian film version was produced in 2007. Now it has been dubbed into English, French and German.

The operetta tells a traditional classical love story about Julia, the only daughter of the Baron (d’Outrive de Marscinel), and János, a gypsy musician to whom she has fallen in love. However, when born, she had been betrothed to Edward, the son of a very rich man. The Baron, fearing the worst, made the decision to secretly take action to end the love between his daughter and the gypsy János. The story is set in the Café Budapest in the Belgian City of Antwerp. It is run by the attractive Zsa-Zsa, the sister of János, and her lovelorn waiter Sándor.

It is a traditional love story …

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Concert: Friday 28 december 17h30 at the Balkan Trafik-Tent

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