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Balkan Trafik Film Day

the_title() 04/02/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Program

BALKAN TRAFIK FILM DAY On the Road to the Balkans

Sunday 15.04.2012 14:30  Centre for Fine Arts / Studio

14.30 – Loverboy by Catalin Mitulescu (Romania, 2011, 93’, Romanian spoken, French subtitles)

Luca is 20 years old and lives in a small town by the Danube. He seduces girls and sends them to a human trafficking network in the Black Sea port Constanta.

His life seems to change when he meets Veli. The sudden death of an ex-girlfriend and his new love for Veli make him wonder whether he should continue or not to be a loverboy.

Cannes 2011 Official Selection, Un Certain Regard Sarajevo Film Festival 2011, Best actress (Ada Condeescu)    

16.30 – Cinema komunisto by Mila Turajlic (Serbia, 2010, 101 min, Serbian, French subtitles)

For 32 years, Leka Konstantinovic was the personal film projectionist for Yugoslavian president and noted film enthusiast Josip Broz Tito. Comprised of interviews with Konstantinovic and other important figures in the brief but glowing history of Yugoslavian cinema, as well as archival clips from more than 60 films, this award-winning documentary chronicles the 40-year history of Avala Studio.

The studio was built by Tito to crank out well-made propaganda films in order to shape and control his country’s image in a post-war world. A vibrant, fascinating celebration of a film industry-and a nation-that no longer exists.

Chicago International Film Festival 2011, Gold Hugo for Best Documentary

19.00 – Do You Remember Dolly-Bell? by Emir Kusturica (Bosnia, 1981, 105, Bosnian spoken with English subtitles)

Set over a single early-1960s summer in one of Sarajevo’s neighbourhoods, the plot follows the fortunes of a school boy nicknamed Dino (Slavko ?timac).

The lad is enthralled with a life that flashes before his eyes and ears in the local cinema and youth centre (where, among other things, he watches Alessandro Blasetti’s Europa di notte and listens to Adriano Celentano’s 24 mila baci), while at the same time getting a taste of the world inhabited by local thugs and petty criminals.

However, when he is rewarded via a liaison for providing a hiding place for prostitute Dolly-Bell (Ljiljana Blagojeviæ), his world is turned upside down as he falls in love with her!

First feature film by Emir Kusturica!  Venice International Film Festival 1981, Golden Lion first feature film, FIPRESCI Award  Pula Film Festival 1981, Best scenario  São Paulo International Film Festival 1982, Critics Award

Dates: Sunday 15.04.2012 – 14:30 > 21:00 Place: Centre for Fine Arts / Studio Access: Rue Ravenstein Prices: € 5,00: standard € 3,00: under 26 Production: BOZAR CINEMA

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