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10th Anniversary Edition – Day 3

Music Cinema Workshop Dance Debate Balkan Bazaar 14h00



soulmadeThe afternoon is dédicated to  the small ones and large children:     At 3h30 PM you might be interested in the conference “2007-2016, 10 ans dans les Balkans” (in French)


razlohzkiAlso for the small ones and large children, no Balkan Trafik! without traditional folkdances. Sing, dance, stamp you feet with Vatra (Albania) at 2PM, Floare de Colt (Romania) at 5 PM and Razlohzki Meratsi (Bulgaria) at 1h15PM.      


Papusza Poster PLAt 5h30PM, do not miss the screening of the gorgeous movie “Papusza” telling the true story of a female Rom poet , followed by a conversation with the film’s director, Joanna Kos-Krausze and leading actress. At 9PM, screening of “Shok” by Jamie Donoughe, first  Kosovar film nominated for an Oscar.    


The 3rd day is a rich set of perspectives :   Stelios Petrakis Quartet     At 8h30PM DO NOT MISS Jawhar vs Mitsou, a special 10th anniversary project, for a musical duo between the tunisian pop singer Jawhar and the enchanted voice of Mitsou (unforgettable performer of “Ederlezi”). Or if you prefer, at the same time, you can dance, dance… and dance again to music of DJ Soumnakaï.   zigzagAnother Cornelian choice, at 9h15PM between the dazzling cocktail of  pop, rock and Balkan rythms of Dren Abazi & Zig Zag Orchestra (Kosovo) and the colourful mix of music from the Balkans, Latino sounds and jazz of Balako (Romania). At 10PM, another one difficult choice between a delightful duo of violin & piano, Viophonia Gratiartis (Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina), and the Motion Trio, a trio of Polish accordionists who might make you change your perception of accordion…   For the 3rd part of the evening, 4 shows to enjoy yourself :   kal
  • At 10h45 PM, the Hudaki Village Band will make you feel like you are taken into a village festival in Ukraine
  • At 11h30 PM, Halka (Bosnia-Herzegovina) sing Sevdah and electrifies the stage
  • At 00h15 AM, it will be theband Kal (Serbia) taking you fully awake with their irresisttible “rok’n roma”, joy, energy and fun…
  • At 01h30 AM, the brass band Bojan Krstic Band concludes properly the evening.
… and well, after that, maybe some happenings to attend, to dance and sing all night long…  


A selection of associations will be available to provide you information on the traditions, tourist attractions, culture and literature of the Balkans.


The Balkans are a genuine “food highway”. Their gastronomic products and traditions have travelled far and wide, to Maghreb and even to India, integrating local influences along the way.

This year it is the traditional cuisine of the former Yugoslavia and the Rom community that are being celebrated.

At the Vino Zirkus wine bar you can enjoy a selection of the best wines from south-eastern Europe as well as performances by a whole range of bands and dance group.

Photo : Dren Abazi & Zig Zag Orchestra

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Where & When?

On 04/16/2016

At 14h00


Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels

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