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100% Balkan Trafik

the_title() 04/02/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Program

This year again Balkan Trafik! comes up with its own festival creations and discoveries under the heading ’100% Balkan Trafik’.

Ivo Papasov – Balkan Trafik Klarinet Project

21:30 Ivo Papasov “Balkan Trafik Klarinet Project” (TR/MK/GR/AL/RO/HU – Henry Le Bœuf Hall)
The Bulgarian clarinet virtuoso Ivo Papasov is the uncrowned king of “wedding band music”, an exuberant mix of Balkan folk and contemporary elements.
Specially for his 60th birthday, the Miles Davis of the Balkans has put together a group of musicians, fans one and all: the percussionist Okay Temiz, the saxophone marvel “King” Ferus Mustafov, the accordionist Roberto de Brasov, the Hungarian cimbalom virtuosoKálmán Balogh, and Josif Shukallari (the master of the plaintive Albanian clarinet).
The complex rhythms of Bulgarian folk music fuse with jazzy improvisation thanks to Papasov’s lyrical timbre, which leaves nobody unmoved. It was back in 1974 that Papasov and his Trakija Band began playing what would later become known as “wedding band music”. His work and his worldwide tours won international recognition for Bulgarian wedding music. He has worked with many famous musicians and with the producer Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd, REM, etc). Frank Zappa was a fan.

Brussels Underground

6 of the more than 20 musicians for Brussels Underground

17:15 Brussels Underground (BE – Henry Le Bœuf Hall) FESTIVAL CREATION 100% BALKAN TRAFIK
Brussels Underground, specially put together for the festival under the leadership ofNicolas Hauzeur of the Brussels Balkan group Zongora (who is also appearing at the festival with his own band), brings together an array of street and wedding musicians.

Hauzeur (Kopanica asbl) was involved in previous editions of Balkan Trafik as artistic leader of RomAroma (2009), Nadejda (2010), and the Balkan Accordion Project (2011). For Brussels Underground he has worked with socio-cultural organisations that have close links with the Roma community: the Belgian-Romanian centre, the borough of Sint-Joost/Saint-Josse-ten Noode, La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek and De Centrale in Ghent.

For this project Nicolas Hauzeur has brought together Roma musicians who work outside the traditional music circuit, on the streets or at wedding festivities. The difficult economic circumstances in their own countries led many street musicians to emigrate.

Some were well-known soloists in their own countries, with extensive careers behind them. Without any management, and sometimes without a clear status, they play on the streets, in the metro, and for associations they are members of. The ‘wedding musicians’ confirm Europe’s current migration movements: they are new nomads who move around at the demand of emigrated communities. Without being able to represent all cultures, the music of this project encompasses a vast region, from Moldavia to Timisoara, from Istanbul to Skopje via Sofia. The Bulgarian dancers of the Antwerp-based group Svetulka, Romanian singer Sanda de la Curcan, and Greek dancer Areti Prosilia assure a touch of femininity and grace. The other names include Marian Raducan, Costel Ursulets, Pecho Elmazov, Valeri Velikov, Martin and Borko Assenov, Zdravko Zdravkov, Aurel Budisteanu, Nikolai Alexandrov, Fericel Stan, Stefan Marian.


Brass Band Duel

01:30 Brass Band Duel: Dejan Lazarevic vs Orchestre International du Vetex

(SR/BE – Horta Hall)

True to tradition, once again two brass bands take each other on; the winner is decided by the audience’s applause.

The Dejan Lazarević Orkestar from Serbia, winner of the latest Guča festival, faces the challenge of the Belgian-based Orchestre International du Vetex.


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