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10 Years Manifesto

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Balkan Trafik! is a festival dedicated to exchange between Western and South-Eastern Europe. A symbol of European and Brussels multiculturalism…

This unique and topical festival is anchored in European current affaires and in 10 years of existence has become a longed-awaited event. An event awaited by members of the South-East European countries, by the Brussels community but also by a large part of the international public living in Brussels.

One could say that Balkan Trafik! resembles a “niche” festival, dedicated to a community, the one from the “Balkans”. However, this South Eastern part of Europe is comprised of a patchwork of minorities from different cultures. Balkan Trafik! represents our Belgian and European capital.

The “Balkans” comprise of Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Jewish and Rom minorities…It’s a region that crosses Europe from one side to another from Slovenia to Turkey, it’s a mix between the Orient and the West.

The concept of “Balkan Trafik” concretely reunites these styles, traditions, and different type of cultural wealth from this region to create a festival, more than multicultural, but cross-cultural.

Our capital is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, and this dynamic center exists thanks to the communities that compose it. Balkan Trafik! positions itself in this dimension of meeting and exchange. The role of the festival is to unite, share, to discover, cross borders and break down barriers.

In these present times of community fallback, ordinary racism, fear of the difference, dangerous shortcuts between “migrants & terrorism”, a Brussels festival such as Balkan Trafik! born out of a migration phenomenon caused by the Balkan wars, is, more than even, a message of openness and a proof that diversity and multiculturalism are elements that make us progress more than regress.

Nicolas Wieërs – Balkan Trafik! Festival Founder

Photo: « Giant Horo » Strange Milena (All rights reserved)

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Where & When?


Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels

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